Plan Your Cycling Vacation Around A Car Roof Rack

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Plan Your Cycling Vacation Around A Car Roof Rack

If you and your family are already bicycling enthusiasts, then I won’t need to tell you how enjoyable biking is. But you might need some convincing on whether or not a car roof rack is a worth-while investment. So I’ll get to you in a moment.

But what about the rest of you? Why go biking?

Quite simply, biking is a lot of fun. It’s good exercise, it’s clean transportation, and it’s quiet. If you have young children they can ride behind you in kiddie seats, older children can have their own bikes, and even grandparents will be able to keep active with three-wheeled cycles as well. With all the outcry about the weight problems of the average American, it makes sense to get your kids involved in exercise early – and the fun exercise of biking might be just the ticket.

There’s a lot to be said for biking to and from your local store when you need a few groceries, or for your kids to bike to school or to a friend’s house. But most cities have bike trails scattered throughout, or parks or places in the suburbs where you can get out and spend the entire day biking in the quiet retreat of the outdoors.

And that’s where the bike rack comes in.

Sure, your bike might fit into you’re the trunk of your car, or into the back of your SUV. But do you want to go to the effort of taking off the rear tires and working to make them fit in your spacious trunk? Do you want your SUV’s upholstery stained with dirt or grease? Do you want to take the chance of scratching your car, or your bike, while hauling it in and out of the trunk?

How much easier it is to acquire a car roof rack. It’s easy to install on top of your car, and then it’s just a question of lifting the bike into place so that the self-clamping clamps can do their thing. And when you’re not using the rack to carry your bikes, most of them are adjustable so you can carry skies,

Do you have bad memories of roof-racks of the past? Well, technology has marched onward, and so has the quality of today’s roof racks. Bikes are kept stable and secure until you reach your destination. Roof racks are safer than rear-mounted racks, since you never know if that motorist behind you might want to inch up a bit…and give your precious bikes a bump or two! The only issu for you to remember with a roof rack is that you actually have bikes attached to the top of your car, so you don’t try to drive into a low garage and total the bikes!

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