Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can replacing my old windows really save me money on heating and cooling costs?

A: Absolutely!  You could save as much as a third of the money you are currently spending on heating and cooling your home.  Without the properly designed and installed windows, your home is losing energy as air (warm air in winter and cold air in summer) escapes through less efficient windows.  Today’s replacement windows feature insulated framing and multiple panes of glass that serve as a great temperature barrier.

Q: Do I have to replace all my windows at one time?

A: To get the maximum energy savings you should replace all of your old windows at one time, but you are not required  to do it all at once. It’s an accurate assumption that even replacing a few at a time will help to reduce energy use and lower your heating and cooling bills. If necessary, we can help put you on a replacement schedule that will gradually put you on the road to replacing all of your windows in a reasonable time period for your home and budget.

Q: Can I save money by installing my new windows myself?

A: Possibly.  However, keep in mind it is essential for today’s replacement windows to be properly installed to be fully effective. For that reason alone, our windows include professional installation by our expertly trained crews. By keeping our staff and technicians highly trained, we are able to make sure the fit is perfect and your new windows will be properly balanced for optimum performance.

Q: My local hardware store sells replacement windows too, are they all the same?

A: Not even close! “Off-the-shelf” windows from your local home center are generally of a lower quality to satisfy home builders who are looking for the cheapest window, without regard to window performance. Furthermore, you may need to modify your home to fit the available sizes, an extensive remodeling process that takes time and money.

Q: Do I have to replace my windows with the exact same style of window? I think I might like to change things up.

A: That is not completely necessary.  Some window styles fit certain styles of homes better than others. If you are interested in a new or updated look, we are happy to help you find the replacement windows to achieve the look you want for your home.

The more you know, the better we look!

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