How to Use Links Effectively

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How to Use Links Effectively

Accountancy website links are everywhere on the internet. They can be found through web searches on sites like Yahoo and Google. They can also be found on most accountancy websites. You can also find accountancy website links through government agency websites or through colleges and universities. But how do you find the information you need within these accountancy website links? How do you stay organized and use the accountancy website links effectively?

The first thing to remember about using accountancy website links to find specific information is that different accountancy websites have links to other accountancy websites which have links to yet other accountancy websites. This means that you can get lost in a sea of accountancy links quite easily, and completely lose track of which accountancy website you started out with. There are several ways to avoid this confusion.

One way to avoid confusion and keep from losing your original accountancy website is to open all accountancy website links in a new window. You do this by right clicking on the accountancy website links and then clicking on “open in new window” in the shortcut menu that appears. This will open the accountancy links website in a new window, allowing you to keep the original window open while you view each accountancy website link. However, this method can also be confusing. Let’s say you start out with a well known accountancy website. You click on an accountancy website link. This leads you to another accountancy website link for which you open another window. This window gives you yet another accountancy website link. Before you know it, you can have so many windows open with so many accountancy website links that you lose track of which links you have followed and which ones had the information you needed.

Another way to avoid confusion is to use the new tab feature of newer internet browsers such as Microsoft Explorer. A new tab is somewhat like a new window, except that the window is the same. Instead of a new open window in the task bar, you will create a new tab within the same window. You do this by right clicking on the accountancy website link, and selecting “open in new tab” from the shortcut menu that appears. However, this method, too, can become confusing, because once you have followed three or four accountancy website links and have several tabs going in one window, the names of the tabs shorten themselves to the point where they are no longer visible, and it is impossible to determine which accountancy website you are looking at.

The best way to surf through accountancy website links is to use a combination of new windows and new tabs when following the various accountancy website links. You can keep organization very easily in this manner. Right click on the accountancy website links in the original accountancy website and open them in a new tab within the same window. As you surf through the accountancy website opened in the new tab, you can close the tab when you are finished. If you come across an accountancy website that has it’s own accountancy website links page, you can open that links page into a new window. Then, open the accountancy website links from the new window into new tabs in the same page. This way you can easily track which website you used to come to the accountancy website links.

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