Have a Ball while Following the Rules of Bowling

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Have a Ball while Following the Rules of Bowling

To the novice who might simply have come in for the first time, bowling appears to be nothing more than rolling a heavy ball toward a number of pins that are set up at the end of a lengthy corridor. Nothing could be further from the truth! As a matter of fact, there are quite a few aspects to this game that rank it among the most complicated and also the most rewarding athletic experiences a hobby athlete will likely encounter.

Of course, there are a number of rules in existence, some of them dealing specifically with league games while others cover open nights. So have a ball while following the rules of bowling! First and foremost, if you are simply showing up for a fun evening at the bowling alley with a group of friends, do not make a nuisance of yourself. To this end, the first rule is the fact that you must wear special bowling shoes. If you own a pair, you know that they not only improve your game, but also protect the finish of the lane itself against scuff marks, holes, and unusual wear and tear.

Those who have to rent shoes very often do not cherish the prospect of putting their feet for legions of other bowlers have gone before them, but this rule is not optional. The alley workers may exclude you from the game, or ask you to leave the bowling alley altogether if you fail to wear bowling shoes. Secondly, you must remain behind the foul line. Sure, if you are a novice, you might be tempted to try and get a bit of an advantage by getting closer to those pins, but don’t do it! Observing these two rules will go a long way to making everyone’s game a lot more enjoyable.

For those who are past the novice stage of bowling and are ready for the more intricate aspects of bowling, you will want to make sure to observe the rules set forth by the various governing bodies that oversee the game. Some of the most commonly cited rules at bowling alleys are the mode of ball delivery and when a ball is considered “dead”. The mode of ball delivery applies to those who have drilled additional holes into their bowling balls so as to affect the trajectory the ball will take once it is released.

Some rules are more controversial, and even though these rules stand, several leagues have taken to modify them, simply to add a bit more fun to the game. This refers to the rule when a ball is declared “dead.” Obviously, a gutter ball is always considered out of bounds, and you will not receive any credit for the roll. Yet what should happen if the ball somehow rebounds and leaves the gutter lane only to knock down several pins?

The official rules state that this ball is still considered “dead” and that you will not receive credit for the pins that were knocked down. Some groups have taken to modifying that latter portion of the rule, so as to give either partial or complete credit for the roll.

It is probably your best bet to inquire about the rules before play begins, just to make sure that everyone is on the same page before the game starts.

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