Faux Stone Siding

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Faux Stone Siding

If you’ll try to walk along a street in a new village or subdivision in America, you may notice houses built with stone sidings. The sidings can be authentic to look at, but without you knowing it, those materials are simply imitations or fake. Yes, fake sidings are now marketed around the world, and stones are the most commonly imitated material of today. The construction and home building industry used to call these products as “faux stone sidings”.

The faux stone sidings are designed for several purposes. One of the most common reasons is that majority of the households find maintaining their siding a bit hassling. Many don’t want to clean their sidings, and that if natural or traditional materials are used like wood and no proper maintenance is given, homes will easily torn down. Termites and insects may thrive on the wood, causing further damages. So to avoid the hassles and stresses associated with it, the faux stone sidings are developed and introduced to the market.

How the Faux Stone Sidings Are Made?

Unlike any other type of siding, the faux stone sidings are made out of molds, which are in turn crafted from real stone. In the production process, the molds are mixed with a lightweight concrete. The concrete is added into the pigment which naturally sits on the surface of the molds. It is this pigment actually that provides the faux stone sidings a distinct color.

Once the final product is made, it is packaged according to certain standards. For instance, a number of home building companies pack the faux stone sidings in flats or in corners. Whichever way, all of the products are designed and package manageably and installation friendly.

Benefits of Faux Stone

Unlike wood, the faux stone is more durable and strong. It is even attractive as it now comes in a number of styles and designs. The product even varies according to color. Today, consumers are given with unlimited choices to faux stone colors, so everybody has the chance to pick up the shade that really suits best to the design and style of their homes.

The faux stone sidings also come with a price much lower than the real stone. According to several claims, it is half the cost of the authentic stone. Added benefit is that it is easy to install knowing that it is built much lighter than the real option. You can handle it with less effort, simply put.

The faux stone siding can even stand out from any extreme weather since it is built concrete. It does not rot and deteriorate, and unlike the typical wood, this option doesn’t need a thorough maintenance. Just a simple scrub and rinse is enough.

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