Beautiful On The Outside Paint Like The Pros For Curb Appeal That Lasts

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Beautiful On The Outside Paint Like The Pros For Curb Appeal That Lasts

There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to give the outside of your home real curb appeal. It’s a big job, but with the right tools and a few tips from the pros, your paint job can look beautiful for years.

Professional painters know that one coat of primer and one coat of paint will give you a better, longer- lasting paint job than two coats of paint. That’s why they prime first, then paint. Here’s why:

• Primers provide the perfect foundation for paint. Paint is formulated for color and durability. Primers are formulated to provide the ideal base for paint. High-quality primers, like Bulls Eye 1-2-3®, are rich in resin so they adhere to surfaces much better than paint alone. And unlike paint, they stick to hard-to-paint surfaces like vinyl siding so you can get great results. They’re also formulated to seal porous surfaces like brick, concrete, masonry and new wood, so you use less paint and get a more even color and sheen.

• Primers block stains. Wood, like cedar and redwood, has a high tannin content that can bleed right through ordinary paint. Graffiti, mildew and other stains can also bleed through if you don’t prime first. Stain-blocking primers are specifically formulated to block stains permanently and completely so they won’t ruin your new paint job. Stain-blocking primers, like Bulls Eye 1-2-3, are also formulated to prevent rust formation on the primer film, so they’re great for painting railings and other metal surfaces.

• Primers make your colors look better. They hide previous colors-even dark reds and blues-and prevent them from showing through new paint. And because they create a sealed, stain-free surface, primers make paint colors look more vibrant and beautiful.

Tip from the pros: If you tint your primer toward the color of your paint, it’s likely you’ll use less paint.

• Primers prevent common paint problems. High-quality water-base primers, like Bulls Eye 1-2-3, dry to a flexible film that prevents common paint problems like cracking, peeling and blistering. Your paint job will be more durable-and last much longer.

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