Window Clings

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Window Clings

There are many ways to make your windows beautiful and attractive. Decorating windows have become a lucrative business that almost anything comes out in the market that is solely for window beautification.

Another en vogue way and rather innovative, in giving your window a new look is using window clings. This ingenious product is made of a thin film that is polymer-based. Window clings as the name suggests just cling on to smooth surfaces like glass, tiles and metals. They appear indifferent designs and colors, and sizes. There are ready-made widow clings available in the market, however there are some that are custom made to suit the desired style or idea of the clients.

If you want to dress up your window with vibrant colors and themes without the hassle of removing them sometime soon, window clings are the things to buy. Windows clings are free of adhesive, and are printed with almost any designs you can think of. If you ant to give your window that cathedral effect, there are window clings that look just exactly as stained glasses, or you wan to mount your favorite cartoon character on your window panes, some clings bear the designs of famous cartoon character. With window clings, decorating your window can be done almost anytime of the day or season.

Window clings are not just for aesthetic purposes because these clings have functional use too. Clings can screen the bright light from the sun. Once the sunrays, touch the colored surface of the clings, the light emitted will not be as bright as it should be. The glow is rather friendly to the eyes and sets a lifting ambiance. Other function of a cling is that it protects the owner from being seen directly from the outside. In short the cling serves as a cover.

There are plenty of stores that vend window clings. Each company has come up with an unlimited number of designs that will surely capture the fancy of the would-be users.

Joy Light Center Shops ( specializes clings that are carefully hand stroke painted, making each design the one and only. The company makes the cling according to your own description and specifications. So you are assured that you will never find anything like it. Another company is the Window-Cling Incorporated ( makes a rather high-tech produced clings. It customizes in digital printing of your favorite designs.

The two companies have proven track records, however your gut feel will tell you if they are the right experts that you should go to. Shopping thorough the internet is convenient, but there is nothing like seeing the actual products in person to make sure that what you buy is the best buy.

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